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How to Find an Investment Property in Miami According to Sterling Luxury Group
Posted by Sterling Luxury Homes

Contact experts who know the Miami Beach Florida real estate market.  We can research properties on your behalf while staying on budget.  Through a careful in...Read more

Renovating a Home Before the Sale or After the Purchase of the Property Can Increase Your Return on Investment by 20%
Posted by Sterling Luxury Homes

Doing major renovations right before selling or right after buying a home is not always recommended or desirable, but sometimes it is the best way to maximize y...Read more

What Are the Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Foreclosed Property?
Posted by Sterling Luxury Homes

The U.S. housing market is slowly making a comeback from California to New York, so buyers can no longer expect the same amazing deals that were available a few...Read more

Miami is the Top Choice for Foreign Investors to Invest in Luxury Real Estate for Vacation Homes and Villas
Posted by Sterling Luxury Homes

With Sterling Luxury Group’s footprint in Dubai, many of the city’s foreign nationals, keen on investing their tax-free money in the U.S., are seeking Sterl...Read more

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