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Staging an Experience

Highlighting the strengths, downplaying weaknesses and appealing to the greatest number of prospective buyers are what sell’s a home. Staging the home based on the target demographic will bring in more buyers and make the sale quicker.

It’s Not Just Staging a House, It’s Selling a Lifestyle 

Creating a buyer profile is the first step in finding as many prospective buyers as possible. Knowing what the buyer is looking for and the type of buyer that will be interested in a home is important for staging and selling. Highlighting the benefits of a house speaks to the logic and the needs of the buyer and helps them visualize the house becoming their home. Creating an atmosphere that the buyer can relate to as soon as they walk in the front door and exhibiting the attributes that will appeal to the buyer the most will ensure that we show the house in the best possible light.

For example, if we target a couple with children we know that it would be beneficial to emphasize the schools in the area.  Displaying a list of the local amenities such as parks,  and the nearness to schools will be welcome information for the buyer and will help accentuate the benefits of buying the home.

Designing the Buyer Experience

Create a path for potential buyers to follow from the front door to the back yard. We create a focal point to guide the buyer through the house. If we want them to enter the house and look down a hall that separates the bedrooms from the main living areas, we will place a bookcase or desk at the end of the hallway to catch their attention.  Showing the lifestyle benefits helps a buyer imagine living there.

Capturing a buyer’s imagination is necessary to selling a home. This could mean moving furniture, installing mirrors to give depth or make a small room seem larger, or perhaps putting a chair next to the window with a book and a throw. Sometimes we need to go even further and give the home a cosmetic makeover, such as revitalizing paint, cleaning or replacing surfaces and fixtures.

Discovering the Details

Coming across a delightful detail is one of the fun aspects for the home buyer and it is important to help them discover those unexpected delights. Putting up signs throughout the house helps buyers discover hidden details about the home on their own.  Placing a small sign on a kitchen cupboard door saying “open me” reveals a pull out spice rack, or perhaps it isn’t a cupboard at all but a hidden dishwasher.

The Ultimate Team

In order to design a carefully arranged home that creates an emotional connection, we gather a group of experienced professionals that have upgraded and staged homes successfully. We know what to do and how to do it. Staging based on the targeted demographic will ensure a home will sell quickly and for top dollar. We add that special touch that makes a home stand out from the competition and helps a seller make that sale.

If you are unable to benefit from our on site consultations, we invite you to try our e-Design Services.

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