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Chinese Real Estate Investors and Buyers Choose Miami to Invest Their Money to Yield Good Return on Investments
Apr 28, 2015

As a Chinese buyer looking for a safe real estate investment or for luxury condos at a reasonable price per square foot in the United States, Miami’s bustling real estate market should peak your interest. According to the Knight Frank Wealth Report, Miami ranks 6th in important cities to ultra high net worth individuals worldwide… Read more

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Fendi Handbags and Fendi Casa: Why Do New Yorkers, Arabs, Chinese, and Russians Buy Them?
Apr 22, 2015

  When people think of Fendi, they think of classic design lines with a modern and contemporary twist that defines the character of the brand and is representational of the image the wearer projects by carrying, wearing, or living in the luxury of Fendi.  Over the past few years with the introduction of the Peekaboo… Read more

Fendi Handbags | Fendi Casa

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