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SLS Lux Brickell Miami
SLS Lux Brickell: Miami Pre-Construction Condos
May 08, 2015

Property Introduction The SLS Lux Brickell Miami Condos epitomize chic sophistication. Catering to those with a finer taste of life, the SLS Lux Brickell building offers incredible views of downtown Miami and every luxury imaginable. Modern yet extremely artistic, the SLS Lux Brickell is every bit as fabulous as they say. Reaching 57 stories in… Read more

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Fendi Handbags and Fendi Casa: Why Do New Yorkers, Arabs, Chinese, and Russians Buy Them?
Apr 22, 2015

  When people think of Fendi, they think of classic design lines with a modern and contemporary twist that defines the character of the brand and is representational of the image the wearer projects by carrying, wearing, or living in the luxury of Fendi.  Over the past few years with the introduction of the Peekaboo… Read more

Fendi Handbags | Fendi Casa

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