Contemporary Interior Design Trends for Up-Market Rentals

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June 25th, 2020

So far 2020 has been a bit gloomy and somewhat lonely for most of us, as we have spent months indoors, separated from friends, and sometimes even family. Since we are spending more time in our own homes this year, it’s all the more reason to incorporate a few contemporary interior design trends for up-market rentals. Now is an ideal opportunity to make changes in our interior décor, if only to cut through the boredom of having to stay at home all the time.

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Individuality and DIY will be the Main Theme

Thanks to the internet, home décor enthusiasts have already seen every common interior theme out there, and people are not fond of copying anymore. Individual twists and touches to traditional designs have become the main theme this year, with the more skilled DIY enthusiasts choosing to get some of the work done by themselves.

Not only are individual customizations and do-it-yourself projects a trend, but the idea itself is also helping a lot of us spend time more productively at home. If you are relatively new though, it is advisable to keep your projects small and changes minimal for now.

Accent Walls with Thin Stone Veneer

Natural stone has always had a way of adding true class to high-value apartments and houses, but having an accent wall with multi-coloured, thin stone veneer is trending, in particular, this year. It’s a highly customizable and aesthetic choice that blends in perfectly with the overall theme of personalization since natural stone veneer applications can be modified and customized to give your accent wall a unique appearance that you want.

Landlords are using innovative thin stone veneer fireplace designs and unorthodox kitchen backsplashes in up-market rental properties this year. It’s an effective way to attract top-tier tenants who prefer a classic, luxurious interior décor, with innovative twists thrown in to separate their designs from that of the others.

Reclaimed Wood Floors

Wood is as much a sustainable material, as it is the reason why we are suffering from sustainability issues. The problem is that wood comes from trees, and deforestation is a severe threat to everything today. Reclaimed wood seeks to solve that problem by presenting multiple advantages to the luxurious, yet environmentally conscious designer/landlord/tenant, including the following:

  • The quality of grains that old wood, from trees that were cut down decades ago, cannot be found today
  • Since the wood is reclaimed, no new trees have to be cut down for our aesthetic needs
  • Properly reclaimed wood is tougher than normal wood

The oldest trees that lived for hundreds of years had produced the strongest timber back when they were cut down, but new trees have neither grown as strong, nor as grainy in their short life yet. As a result, wood floors in varying shades made from reclaimed wood are a growing trend in 2020.

In fact, the growing popularity of natural stone veneers, reclaimed wood, and DIY projects do show a rising sense of awareness about the environment within the luxurious interior décor industry and customers this year.

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