US Citizens are Obtaining Dubai Investor Visas by Purchasing Property for 1MM AED + It’s a Tax Free Investment in Dubai Off Plan Real Estate

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February 2nd, 2017

On the heels of President Donald Trump’s immigration executive orders, U.S. Citizens with multinational backgrounds are looking for other alternatives on where to live. Dubai’s investor visa program allows them the opportunity to purchase Dubai off plan property for a minimum value of 1MM AED and live in a thriving economy, with a stable real estate market, and desirable tax safe haven to protect themselves from Trump’s policies.

Multinational Americans like Dubai for it’s multicultural diversity. Dubai’s ever changing real estate landscape is also attractive to buyers as they can investment in “luxury” 3 to 4 star off plan hotel apartments (pre-construction condos) for a little as 550,000AED which is equivalent to approximately US$150,000 for a studio apartment. Some of these upscale affordable new construction Dubai real estate projects come fully furnished / fully serviced / and fully equipped with hotel amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, valet parking, room service, a spa, baby sitting, etc. with an estimated return on investment (ROI) of 12% net where as other properties in Dubai or worldwide will only yield about 5 – 8%. These affordable housing options come with flexible payment plans that are both attractive to buyers and are stimulating the Dubai real estate market which went through an adjustment in 2016 – forcing developers to offer off plan condos at lower prices in 2017.

For those who choose to purchase a Dubai real estate property for 1,000,000 AED (approximately US$272,500), Dubai offers these investors the opportunity to obtain an investor’s visa enabling you to inhabit the UAE to pursue investment opportunities. Dubai is the ideal place for American entrepreneurs, technology start-ups, and for those who simply want to spend their leisure time in warm weather.  The are some Dubai off plan properties that are nearing completion in 2017 while some towers will be complete by 2020.

By investing 1 million AED in a Dubai real estate property, you will be granted a residence permit and visa for property owners qualifying investors and their dependents for temporary residency. Investors will need to make a minimum 50% cash payment of the purchase price and be able to mortgage the remaining 50% in order to be granted a residence permit. The property investment must be in a freehold area and entirely owned but the investor. If more than one person invests in this property, the shared value must be more than 1,000,000 AED, or a legal marriage certificate must be produced if the investors are married. Additionally, the investor must earn a minimum monthly income of 10,000 AED (US$2725) or the equivalent in foreign currency. The investor’s source of income may be derived from inside or outside of the UAE.

For more information regarding the UAE property investor visa program or to discover what your off plan property options are in Dubai, contact Sterling Luxury Group via email at or through FaceTime Audio at +971502738832. We specialize in offering clients various Dubai off plan real estate projects by credible developers. Tell us your budget and your preference in bedrooms and we’ll provide you with superior real estate consultancy in order to match your needs with your desires.

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