Business Savvy Realtors are Leveraging Booming Real Estate Markets by Enrolling in Home Staging Training Specifically Designed for Realtors

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December 3rd, 2013

If you’re a Realtor working in a market with high property inventory levels and you’re trying tofigure out how to close on your listing at the highest purchase price, you home stage the home.  As you know, the buyer’s thought process is simple.  They first look online for what’s visually appealing to them while also meeting their parameters in terms of price and location.

Over 55% of the impression that a home makes on a buyer is the visual effect.  Most buyers would prefer to purchase a turnkey property rather than invest the time in a fixer upper.  So when you consider these statistics, it makes sense for Realtors to invest some time into real estate enhancement and property staging to capitalize on their largest marketing tool – the first impression the home makes on the prospective buyer.  Rather than letting a home sit on the market, you stage it to sell.

Given the dearth of qualified home stagers compared to the ratio of the number of homes sitting on the market, Realtors are taking their home staging marketing initiatives into their own hands and attending the Sterling Home Styling’s Stage a Property to Sell Home Staging Training Course specifically designed for Realtors.

Sterling Home Styling’s 2-Day Realtor Home Staging Training Course teaches Realtors the secrets of transforming a dull and uninspiring property into an attractive and welcoming home that appeals to the widest possible audience, and will provide the client with a maximum return on their investment.  During the training Realtors learn how to conduct a home staging initial consultation and comprehensive evaluation that focuses on the assessment of color, layout, interior decor, lighting as well as organizational management needs, kitchen and bathroom fixture updates, and the functionality of the home.   Classes are $500 in San Francisco and Miami or are an investment of $1000 in Dubai; details can be found here:

Upon completion of the 2-Day Realtor Home Staging Training Course, Realtors will be armed with the knowledge, experience, tools and reference materials necessary to succeed. Realtors will be able to position themselves as a Professional Home Staging Realtor who can accurately assess a property’s home staging needs and provide a detailed report with solutions, ultimately giving the Realtor a competitive edge in the marketplace and increasing their bottom line.

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