How to Find an Investment Property in Miami According to Sterling Luxury Group

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June 15th, 2014

Contact experts who know the Miami Beach Florida real estate market.  We can research properties on your behalf while staying on budget.  Through a careful interview process, understanding your exact parameters, we help you source the perfect investment property with excellent re-sale value.  As an investor we leave the numbers up to you however we recommend that you leave the aesthetics to us.   As your representative, we will work directly with the realtor and be your eyes and ears throughout the process.  We will always make sure that you don’t over pay for the property and can also assist you in staging the home to sell when it’s time for you to realize your investment.  With so many properties to look at in Miami and not knowing where to look, let us be your on the ground consultants and assist you in find the perfect property within your parameters.  We don’t work on commission, therefore we have your best interest at heart. For a finder’s fee of $500, we help you source the perfect property and work with Realtors we trust to close the sale for you at the best price.

Looking for a Miami Beach Florida real estate investment property?  Let us help you personal shop for a home.

Overwhelmed with the choices and would rather work with a white glove service to help you find the perfect property? Tried of having to work with so many realtors, go on countless property hunts, and waste so much time?

Then hire our Miami Beach Florida real estate consultant / advisor and help you maneuver through all the hassle of finding several properties to look at during a tight time line to find an investment property.  Let us search for the property of your desire based on your parameters, personal style, and budget.  We will set up your viewing appointments for you.

The process starts buy a getting pre qualified, telling us your wish list, telling us your timeline and we’ll set up the appointments.

Investors enjoy working with us because we are transparent, efficient, and effective real estate sourcing consultants who work with realtors to find and purchase the idea property for you.

Finding the perfect property for you is time consuming.  We keep the buyers in mind when helping you personal shop for your new home or investment property.  We are the aesthetic experts here to use our creative eye to source the perfect property for you.  No need to go through the frustration of contacting so many realtors just to see a home that meets your parameters.  Hire us and we’ll do the searching for you in the location, price range, and according to your aesthetic parameters.

Keep the sourcing of the property to us and let the realtors do what they do best which is the legal aspects of closing the deal.  We’ll be there every step of the way up to the negotiation process of the property as your advocates to ensure your receive the best price and value for your investment.

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