Miami’s Real Estate Man of Style: Chad Carroll of Million Dollar Listing Miami

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June 25th, 2014

Known in the industry as “The King of Closing,” with his million- The Case—dollar style, Chad Carroll of Bravo TV’s Million Dollar Listing Miami should also be called “The King of Clothing.” Always dressed to perfection, his impeccably well-tailored ensembles complement his emanate confidence.

The following three key components distinguish Chad Carroll’s style from the Miami real estate competition:

Firstly, more often than not Chad Carroll is always seen in a well-tailored suit despite the Miami heat.  Although many Miami Realtors work for brokerages, they are still self-employed entrepreneurs.  When running your own business, it’s important that your company brand image projects your personal brand image.  Sterling Luxury Group’s internationally recognized image expert in real estate, interior décor, and personal branding states, “You are your own brand and you represent your business.  Therefore wearing a suit not only looks more polished and professional, it also projects authority – that you’re ready to get down to serious business!”

Secondly, Chad Carroll also wears well-tailored French cuff, pink shirts.  Men who usually wear pink shirts are not only confident within themselves however they usually are in touch with their sensitive side.  We understand that pink may not be for every man therefore another option could be lavender.

And lastly, pocket squares, tie clips, and cuff links are usually worn by men who want to project status and prestige.  This European look is more prominent among men who wish to communicate an image of elegance and usually attracts a more prominent, international clientele.

With his unique signature style, Chad Carroll well represents his own million-dollar brand by projecting a million-dollar image that sets him apart from the Miami real estate competition.  Keep in mind that with a million-dollar look you are more likely to obtain million dollar listings!

To learn more about how you can develop your own signature style and update your look without having to incorporate all the recent trends in menswear such as bold colors and wild patterns, or lapel flowers and bracelets, contact us at Sterling Luxury Group in Miami.

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