Sterling Luxury Group Plans Renovation Budgets and Provides Home Remodeling Project Management For a Home or Investment Property in Miami, the Caribbean, and Dubai

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November 15th, 2013

Remodeling a home or an investment property is a serious financial commitment. Remodeling projects take careful planning, energy, and resources, as well as creativity in determining and staying on budget.

Many people find it difficult or too time consuming to navigate the complex maze of costs including design, labor, contracting services, and permit fees that are involved in a remodel. In fact, a recent survey by research firm Harris Interactive found that more than one-third of those doing a home remodel project did not have a predetermined budget.

Sterling Luxury Group provides our clients in Miami, the Caribbean, and Dubai with assistance on planning budgets for home remodeling and renovation projects while also providing invaluable project management services to ensure you get the most value for your investment. We mitigate your anxiety and stress levels by overseeing the details and anticipating costly issues that may arise to help property owners avoid exorbitant expenses due to inexperience or misinformation.

Michelle T. Sterling, Founder of Sterling Luxury Group, comments regarding the process, “In order to keep remodel projects from stalling, it is important to establish your budget before the commencement of the project. When necessary, we also help differentiate between your ‘must haves’ versus your ‘desires’ as well as perform research on the costs of various products and materials to help clients focus on what’s really important to them.”

In order to effectively assist homeowners in determining their budget, Sterling Luxury Group conducts a through assessment of the client’s needs including the level of finish and complexity of construction of their project.  Once a budgetary range is set, Sterling Luxury Group continues to work with clients to ensure that their budget is realistic by fulfilling their basic needs before upgrading to state-of-the-art appliances and adding extras such as elaborate fixtures and interior decor. The addition of a 20 percent contingency over the final budget is often encouraged to provide added protection against unexpected and unforeseeable issues.

Sterling Luxury Group also helps clients gather resources and works as the interior design team to manage the costs related to the scope of the project and stay on schedule. Our goal is to provide clients with a budget and execution plan for a home remodel project that serves your overall best interest by providing a beautiful and functional space that reflects the client’s style and personality.

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