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July 21st, 2014

Men often under estimate the effect clothing can have on you and others.  When you’re well dressed, you feel more confident and women view well dressed men as sexy!  

Online dating is just like looking for a new home on the Internet.  The first thing you look at are the pictures and then you make a decision if you’d like to see a home or not.  Pictures of well-staged homes typically grab the attention of more buyers and pictures of well-dressed men typically grab the attention of more women, which will likely increase your dating success.

The following tips are 5 essential items that all men should have in their wardrobe in order to dress to impress both online and in person:

Men’s Style Tip 1: The Tailored Blazer. Investing in a casual sport coat or blazer that you can wear to work and then transition into wearing for evenings out during the week is a great start.  Keep it on during your date and you’ll give the impression of an important executive.  All you need is one. Select a blazer that suits your personal style and is well made in a neutral color like navy blue, grey or khaki.

Men’s Style Tip 2: The Sexy Shirt. Select a well-fitting shirt that isn’t too tight or too big with some sort of texture or pattern often makes a good impression.  Remember to select a shirt cut according to your body type.  If you have some muscles to show off they will shine through!

Men’s Style Tip 3: The Trouser or Fashion Jeans. Men often times select trousers or jeans that do not fit them appropriately. So pay careful attention to the fit around your waist, buttocks and thighs. Tailoring your pants appropriately so that they are not too long or too short can also make a difference in looking taller or shorter.

Men’s Style Tip 4: The Sleek Shoes. The first thing a woman notices when a man walks into a room are his shoes. Have at least one pair of designated “date shoes” – a loafer or lace up in black or brown that looks sleek and modern. Avoid thick rubber soles, square or extremely rounded tip toes to look up-to-date.

Men’s Style Tip 5: The Accessories. Finish off your dating look with a quality leather belt, a wallet in good repair, and a sporty chronograph watch. The details often make a good impression so make your look work for you and create less work for yourself. 55% of the impression you make is based solely on your appearance. So increase the odds of your dating success by 55% percent just by paying attention to the clothing you wear.

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