Miami Pre-Construction Condos: The Advantages of Working with a Miami Pre-Construction Buyer’s Agent in a Rapidly Developing Real Estate Market

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April 21st, 2015

Whether you are local to Miami, or would like to purchase a luxury vacation or investment home in Miami, or are relocating to Miami as it’s the second largest financial hub in the U.S. next to New York, working with a Buyer’s Agent can be of great benefit to you as we are able to guide you in purchasing the best pre-construction condominium that fits your needs, price point, location, and lifestyle desires.

The following are some benefits of working with a Miami Buyer’s Agent when navigating the pre-construction real estate market:

  1. KNOWING THE INVENTORY: A Pre-construction Miami real estate specialist will know of most, if not all, of the pre-construction developments by neighborhood. And based on where you currently live and what your current lifestyle is, a Sterling Luxury Homes Miami luxury real estate agent is equipped to be able to suggest some neighborhoods and developments for you that will fully meet your Miami lifestyle needs.  We will be able to help you make an informed decision about which new construction project would be best for you, advise you on which neighborhoods are appreciating in value – evaluating current and projected Miami condo prices, and tell if you are getting the best price.  We can help you decide if you should invest in condo hotels or suggest alternative projects that will be financially secure investments.
  1. ASSISTING YOU IN MAKING AN UNBIASED DECISION: Our goal as Miami Luxury real estate agents is to assist you in making an informed decision when purchasing or investing in a property. Based on our experience we will be able to present developments to you that are constructed by reliable top quality developers, as well as recommend units to you that fulfill your property “must haves” rather than present you with the developer’s “left overs,” and as luxury real estate specialists we will be able to tell you the value of the property’s luxury finishes so that you can determine weather you are interested in a premium pre-construction condo at $300 per sq. ft., luxury condo for $600 per sq. ft., or ultra luxury condo for over $1000 – $1500 per sq. ft. for your Miami real estate and location needs.
  1. BEING ABLE TO INTERPRET THE ACTUAL VERSUS PROJECTED DEVELOPER OFFERINGS: At Sterling Luxury Homes, our duty as a Buyer’s Agent is to guide you through the fine print of the contract to ensure you receive the actual square footage and amenities denoted by the developer. We will also be able to inform you which property finishes and renderings will indeed meet your standards of luxury. Furthermore, our role is to tell you whether the purchase price of the property is indeed at market value and if it will retain its re-sale value, and our role is to also manage your expectations regarding further real estate development in the area and the view you can expect to have once the property is completed. And lastly when working with a Sterling Luxury Homes Buyer’s Agent, we will provide you with the realistic number of units available per property so that you don’t feel pressured to buy knowing that the developer’s sales office tells you it’s 90% sold out – and even if it is 90% sold out, we will be able to provide you with similar property options so that you can make an educated buying decision rather than a pressured purchasing decision.

Therefore to schedule a Miami Pre-construction Condominium consultation, please contact us at or call +1.305.647.2689 so that we can align your property goals and desires with the property that is right for you.


Whether you go directly to the developer’s sales office or work with a buyer’s agent, you will never have to pay commission. Therefore it would behoove you to work with a buyer’s agent to ensure that you get the best price possible for the property, have someone assist you in making an informed decision based on your must haves and the locational value of the property, as well as have someone who can evaluate the developer’s contract with you and reasonably manage your expectations throughout the entire development process to ensure that you receive what you expect through every stage of construction.

And lastly, Sterling Luxury Group offers turnkey opportunities for buyers to move right into their completed pre-construction home by offering home styling interior design services through Sterling Home Styling. Purchase a condo according to your taste and have it furnished according to your taste as well. You can even opt to have your closet fully curated with your favorite vacation and evening wear through Sterling Personal Styling. When purchasing a luxury condo, take luxury one-step further with Sterling Luxury Group.

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