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Men often under estimate the effect clothing can have on you and others.  When you’re well dressed, you feel more confident and women view well dressed men as sexy!   Online dating is just like looking for a new home on the Internet.  The first thing you look at are the pictures and then you… Read more

Bravo TV’s Million Dollar Listing’s Real Estate Men of Style from Miami, New York, to Los Angeles, all have one thing in common – they are “closers.”  As Chad Carroll of Bravo TV’s Million Dollar Listing Miami mentioned on Twitter, “If you’re going to work in Miami real estate you better dress the part!”  Sterling… Read more

WHY HIRE A STERLING LUXURY GROUP IMAGE CONSULTANT?  At Sterling Luxury Group, our image consultants advise clients on more than just the image that you project through the clothing that you wear but also on the image that you project in your lifestyle. What constitutes your lifestyle? It’s the image that you project from the clothing… Read more