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As his New Year’s resolution, a male client scheduled an appointment with me to discuss his projected professional image. He was concerned that he was too intense and that projecting an intense image impeded him from building solid professional relationships. He was a former investment banker turned founder of a technology start up firm in… Read more

The Psychology of Single, Successful Men and Their Relationships With Women – What Image Consultant Michelle T. Sterling Can Help You Realize Do you ever wonder what makes a single, successful man tick? What makes them successful and why do they seemly look attractive and appealing on the outside but when you take a deeper… Read more

As a global image consultant I’ve had the privilege of working with many female clients from New York, Miami, London, Hong Kong, to Dubai. And what amazes me the most is when I see businesswomen sitting in my office and they have self-confidence issues that impede them from achieving their goals and projecting strong and… Read more

Men often under estimate the effect clothing can have on you and others.  When you’re well dressed, you feel more confident and women view well dressed men as sexy!   Online dating is just like looking for a new home on the Internet.  The first thing you look at are the pictures and then you… Read more